P - Phycocyanin

P - Phycocyanin is a nutritional supplement that has an extraction of Phycocyanin from Spirulina, and natural Vitamin E. 


Phycocyanin is the nutrient contained only in Spirulina and is also what causes Spirulina to differ from other seaweed products. It is one of the major pigment constituents of Spirulina, a microalgae used in many countries as a diet supplement. The nutritional and therapeutic values of Spirulina have been well documented and researched. 


One of the key components of Phycocyanin is bilirubin. Bilirubin is considered to be a physiologically important antioxidant, protecting against reactive species and helping reduce the steady state concentration of peroxyl radicals by one half. 


With the addition of Vitamin E, P - Phycocyanin will help in the prevention of renal problems, have a positive anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, increase the activation of brain and cells, and help prevent aging.


Dosage of P - Phycocyanin for best results: 4 - 6 capsules with a glass of water per day.

Nutritional Value per 4 capsules

Calories 11.6kcal
Protein 500mg
Fat 1000mg
Carbohydrate 200mg
Sodium 10.3mg
Vitamin E 300mg
Phycocyanin  400mg