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K-Salt by GoodSalt

K-Salt by GoodSalt




K-salt by GoodSalt is the only lowered sodium salt alternative that contains 30% potassium!

What is K-Salt?

K-Salt is a lowered sodium salt alternative under GoodSalt containing 70% sodium chloride, and 30% potassium chloride. If used gram for gram with regular table salt, K-Salt can reduce your sodium intake by almost 30%!

What is sodium/salt?

Salt is made up of sodium and chloride that come together to create sodium chloride. Although the words salt and sodium are used interchangeably, they are actually different things. Sodium is a naturally occurring product that can be found in unprocessed foods like fresh vegetables, and fruit.

Although we humans require salt everyday to function, these days, 90% of the population is consuming almost double the recommended sodium amount of 2000mg! This over consumption of sodium leads to high blood pressure, hypertension, a higher risk of heart attacks, and even osteoporosis!

The solution to this over consumption of sodium? Reduce it by simply swapping your salt out!

How does K-Salt reduce my sodium?

K-Salt contains 30% less sodium than regular table salt, and tastes exactly like regular table salt. Hence, using K-Salt in the exact same measurement as that of regular table salt, your sodium intake is immediately reduced!

What is the difference between K-Salt & GoodSalt?

K-Salt is made up of 2 minerals: Sodium and Potassium, whilst GoodSalt contains a mixture of sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium, lysine, and iodine,

The additional minerals in GoodSalt are essential for a healthy heart, bones, eyes, and other organs in your body! Magnesium helps in regulating your heart, potassium is needed for cell and nerve function, lysine is beneficial for your eyes, whilst iodine reduces thyroid hormones. 


Where can I purchase K-Salt?

K-Salt can be purchased at all leading supermarkets and from Redmart.

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