Organic Germanium

Organic Germanium detoxifies active oxygen by oxidation through combining with excess hydrogen ions and excretes it into sweat and urine from the body. This leads to a higher ability for the oxygen to reach the organs of your body. Organic Germanium has been observed to have an inhibitory effect on carcinogenesis, therefore working for cancer prevention.


Organic Germanium promotes smooth bloodstream, improves and prevents diseases caused by circulatory insufficiency, is an antioxidant, but also has shown to strengthen bones by increasing bone density!


Germanium is an organic substance that when added to water has been used for human health for many years and in many different locations such as France, Lourdes, and Japan, Toyama and Aomori.


Germanium is found in 2 forms, organic and inorganic. Inorganic germanium is insoluble in water, and accumulates in the human body thus damaging the kidneys. As inorganic germanium is extremely poisonous to the body, hence Japan Algae Co., Ltd confirms the safety of its germanium by conducting two analytical tests. The germanium content percentage is analyzed for every lot.


Inhibition on cataract development

When a 4% organic germanium eye drop was administered 4 times a day for 270 days in senescence-accelerated mice, and it was found that the organic germanium eye drops delayed the progress of cataract.


Treating hepatitis and rheumatism

Organic germanium is a component of serocion, a medication for hepatitis B. It is especially effective for immune systems, assisting the body in maintaining the optimal level of immunity by either improving or suppressing the immunity levels.


Increasing body density

Studies on mice have shown that organic germanium adjusts the balance of hormonal regulation of bone metabolism, through suppression or an increase of osteoblast activity, thus increasing bone mass by promoting calcium fixation and calcification of bones, thus strengthening them.


Effects on anti-senile amyloidosis and cancer

In a study conducted by Yoshito Kuga and others, Faculty of Medicine, Niigata University, it was shown that organic germanium inhibited the generation of amyloid in each organ concentration dependently.


In a separate mice study, it was observed that organic germanium delays carcinogenesis, with a greater effect when administered both before and after. The mice administered with organic germanium survived 3 times that of the control group! Some of the former group was even shown to have suppression of the tumors!


Improvement in blood stream

Organic germanium promotes smooth bloodstream, improving and preventing diseases caused by circulatory insufficiency. Organic germanium increases erythrocyte deformability, softening red blood cells to allow the blood to flow smoothly.

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