Seok Bin's Seafood Bento

Our dear friend Seok Bin made a delicious bento box for her children's lunch with GoodSalt! Head over to her page for more delicious and easy food here!



Half-piece of salmon 🍣

3-4 pieces of Japanese scallops

4 pieces of prawns 🍤

1 hard-boiled egg 🥚

Some sliced cucumbers 🥒

Some blanched broccoli 🥦 and carrots 🥕 (or any vegetables of your own choice) 


1) Rinse, soak and cook Japanese rice in rice cooker.

2) Boiled and peeled hard-boiled egg and set aside.

3) Rinsed and cut broccoli and carrots. Blanched vegetables in boiling water, with a tsp of GoodSalt and cooking wine. Set aside.

4) Rinsed and pat dry seafood with kitchen towel. This will help with cooking as there will be less splattering during Panfry.

5) Seasoned salmon, scallops and prawns with a dash of GoodSalt, olive oil and some black pepper.

6) Heat up a saucepan at medium-high heat. Pan-sear salmon, scallops and prawns till cooked and set aside.

7) Assemble bento according to your preferences. I made a kitty using Japanese rice. Shaped rice using cling wrap to shape the face and paws. Cut some seaweed for the ears and ham for the ears.

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