From Our Director


Welcome to our store, we are glad you could come by.

I would like to introduce some of the products that we have!

First on the list is Fucoidan, a natural seaweed extract that is gaining increasing awareness through the work of those involved with cancer treatment, particularly in Japan and elsewhere around the world too.

We have been appointed by Kanehide-Bio Co., Ltd, the fourth largest conglomerate in Okinawa, Japan, as the exclusive distributor.

Fucoidan is the sliminess that is integral to seaweed. It is extracted through special technology applied to the Okinawa Mozuku seaweed, yielding the highest grade Fucoidan, cultivated in Okinawa waters for this purpose. Production of the Fucoidan in capsules is ISO22000 certified, which includes HACCP safety standards. Customers can therefore be assured of a topmost quality product when purchasing Okinawa Mozuku Fuocidan from us.

Cancer, be it breast cancer, nose cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma or others, is life threatening to the sufferer. Generally accepted treatments include chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery for removal of the affected parts or to stay the disease. The side effects from these treatments are still being understood and appreciated, sometimes long after their application. A common term used in cancer treatment is QOL, or the Quality of Life, to measure the sufferer’s ability to live life to the same standard as the pre-cancer stage. Alternative and complementary treatments for cancer are still being explored, though none have been accepted to be of medical reliability as yet.

Nonetheless, our customers have given us some very positive feedback on the use of fucoidan in their daily health regime. We hope to gather enough evidence to make a case in the future. Your continuing feedback to us on this product is greatly appreciated.

Dr Hiroyuke Abe, CEO of the Kudan Clinic in Tokyo, specialises in the research and treatment of end stage cancer, as well as other health conditions. It was my privilege to make his acquaintance when we had him over for a short seminar in March 2012 to present his findings from his more than twenty years of work in the field of oncology, where he has used fucoidan to supplement the diet of cancer patients and assist their recovery. His experience and knowledge will continue to aid us in our work with helping improve the QOL of our customers here. Worldwide, Dr Abe is one of the few researchers involved with leading edge dendritic cell vaccination therapy, which was the subject of the Nobel Prize in Physiology awarded to Dr Ralph Steinmen in 2011. Now in his 70s, Dr Abe has already achieved competence in cardiothoracic surgery and currently in oncology, and in May 2012  the launch of his current project, the Personalised Medicine Universe, official journal of the International Society of Personalized Medicine, published under the Elsiever banner. His holistic approach to cancer treatment is applaudable, even as he encourages medical specialists of different disciplines to share the similar thinking and contribute in the area of holistic treatment.

On our regular front, the latest happening is the good news that GoodSalt has been awarded the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice Symbol, meaning that it is now officially recognised as a superior product to the common salt. It’s time to switch to GoodSalt if you have not already done so!

GoodSalt is a reduced sodium salt invented by Prof Dr Heikki Karppanen of the University of Helsinki, Finland, to meet the need for a better alternative to common salt. Prof Dr Heikki Karppanen has been involved with the research of salt and hypertension as well as the benefits of mineral nutrients, and his studies have been published in journals including the European Journal of Pharmacology, the British Journal of Pharmacology and more. Goodsalt retains the full salt taste, whilst reducing half the sodium and, more importantly, adds magnesium, potassium, lysine and iodine to your daily diet!

Let me say a big ‘Thank You!’ to our numerous loyal supporters – we keep getting enquiries the world over as to how we can make it available in countries from Canada to Australia. Rest assured that we will come to a store near you – pester your local chain to contact us!

We are so pleased to also bring our latest product from Japan – Spirulina 100%, manufactured by the Japan Algae Co., Ltd.  It is Japan’s No 1 Spirulina product. The powers found in this humble sea algae – spirulina, are very well documented on the internet – and they attest to its many benefits. The term ‘superfood’ has been coined for this product – and I am sure you will agree it is appropriate, after you learn about what it can do for you. We have included some product information supplied by Japan Algae Co., Ltd – hopefully it is sufficient to help you make a decision to try it today! We have testimonials already from users who have barely used the product for a month! If you understand that this ‘total food’ is readily absorbed by the human body within 2 hours of consumption, then you can understand why our regular customers are going gaga over this! So – what are you waiting for?

We will continue to source the world for products that benefit you – without costing an arm and a leg! Let us know if you have particular interests or products you think we can promote.

Meantime, enjoy your visit!
God Bless!

C S Goh
Regional Director
IMI Lifestyle Products Pte Ltd