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Spirulina 100% with 10% Deep Ocean Water

Spirulina 100% with 10% Deep Ocean Water


Spirulina 100% is a natural dietary supplement created with Spirulina, a species of blue-green algae. Born on earth over 3.5 billion years ago, Spirulina is said to be the oldest plant on earth.Since it is nutritionally rich both in quality and quantity, Spirulina is

attracting more and more attention as a promising natural food.


Aside from being the NO.1 Brand in Japan, our Spirulina contains 10% of Spirulina cultivated with Deep Ocean Water from sea floor off the coast of Kumejima in Okinawa. Unlike the water at the surface of the sea, deep ocean water remains at a consistent temperature of about 7°C degrees and is pure, with no pollutants from chemical substances on land and no bacterial pathogens to consume the nutrients in the sea water. The deep ocean water cultivated Spirulina is therefore superior in the abundance of nutrients it contains. Minerals, especially magnesium, copper and other components, are extremely important nutrients playing a role in the reduction of active oxygen in the body and making the body resistant to sickness. Thus, the Spirulina cultivated from 100% Deep Ocean Water absorbs the nutrients originating from the source of life grow up to 4 or 5 times its normal size and revitalizes the body as well as suppresses the aging process in humans.

Our Spirulina has also obtained the GMP Safety certification and therefore you will not have to worry about the purity or safety of our Spirulina. 

Spirulina is particularly effective for people who:

  • are recovering from an illness
  • are on a diet
  • catch colds easily
  • have a tendency to be anemic
  • are fussy about food
  • eat at irregular times
  • do not eat adequate green or yellow vegetables
  • who smoke or drink a lot of alcohol or coffee


Spirulina has 5 Major Nutrients:

  1. Proteins 
  2. Chlorophyll and phycocyanin
  3. Vitamin B12
  4. Beta-carotene
  5. Linoleic and lenolenic acid


Recommended Dosage:

6-20 tablets, up to 40 tablets a day

Dosage based on the Japan Health Food & Nutrition Association (JHFA) index

Each tablet contains 200mg Spirulina 100%

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