GoodSalt - Low Sodium Cooking Salt
GoodSalt - Low Sodium Cooking Salt

GoodSalt - Low Sodium Cooking Salt

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  • Low Sodium Mineral salt
  • Contains minerals such as
    • Magnesium
      • Beneficial for heart protection and calcium absorption
      • Helps maintain cardiac rhythm
      • Prevents sodium leeching calcium from bones leading to osteoporosis and kidney damage
    • Potassium
      • Helping to supplement the Na/K ratio, helping cells push our sodium while retaining potassium
      • Blood pressure lowering properties
    • Lysine
      • An extremely salty mineral making up for taste and a useful nutrient for protein synthesis, and lastly
    • Iodine
      • A nutrient for brain cell development in children.
    • Can be used as a replacement to regular table/cooking salt
    • Shown to improve the effects of commonly used hypertensive drugs without adverse side effects
    • Reduces amount of sodium down to almost half that of regular salt
    • Tastes exactly like regular salt
      • Sodium (NaCl) is one of the most basic chemical molecules and an is essential to our day-to-day functioning
      • Concentration of sodium ions in our blood is directly related to the regulation of bodily fluids
      • Increase in sodium ions contributes to resistant high blood pressure (hypertension)
      • However, increased intakes in magnesium and potassium ions with a reduced intake of sodium produces beneficial health effects
    • Helps to re-sensitize your palate and restore taste-buds